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Transparent curtains

Transparent curtains

Sheer curtains are practical and stylish. The transparent curtains – also known as day curtains – allow you to look outside during the day and protect you from prying eyes. So nobody can see into your apartment, but you can still enjoy the view outside.

The sheer/transparent curtains, e.g. in white, are very elegant. They are discreet, subtle and make every room even cozier. They also make the rooms appear larger and brighter. They are the perfect choice for any room. If you also want privacy at night, the day curtains can be wonderfully combined with a night curtain.

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Transparent curtains

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Combining sheer curtains

A sheer curtain is ideal for being protected from prying eyes during the day while enjoying the view and bright rooms. At night, however, it does not serve as a privacy screen when the light is on in the home. The solution? Combine it with a night curtain or blackout curtain. If you have a double track curtain rail, you can easily hang two curtains one behind the other. As soon as it starts to get dark outside, you can draw the night curtain: This protects you from prying eyes around the clock.

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