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Measuring instructions

Determining the curtain height and width is very easy!

Curtain height

Please measure from the bottom edge of the curtain rail (A. in the illustration) to the floor or window sill (B. in the illustration). Depending on your personal taste, add or subtract a few centimeters from the measured dimension (C. in the illustration):

  • Minus 2 centimeters: The curtain will hang about 1-2 centimeters above the floor (recommendation).
  • Minus 1 centimeter: The curtain will reach to the floor.
  • Plus 5 centimeters to plus 15 centimeters: The curtain will lie on the floor.

Please enter the measured value in the “Curtain height (cm)” field when ordering curtains.

Measuring instructions for made-to-measure curtains

Curtain width

Please measure the distance to be covered by the curtains. If the window is not directly adjacent to a side wall on the left and/or right, the curtain should be at least 20 centimeters wider than the window on each side.

If you want a pair of curtains for each window, divide the measured distance by two and order two curtains.

Round up the resulting measurement to the next largest available width and select this.

Amount of fabric: You measure the distance to be covered and we automatically calculate how much fabric is needed.

Tip 1: Floors, curtain boards and ceilings are not always completely flat. It is therefore essential to measure the height at several points.

Tip 2: If you supplement day curtains with night curtains or blackout curtains, please make sure that the day curtains are approx. 0.5 cm less high so that they do not protrude at the bottom.

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