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Even a small contribution is a contribution.

Buy curtains. But sustainable!

Find out here what we do to produce our curtains as sustainably as possible.

Durable fabrics

Our curtain fabrics are woven from particularly durable yarn. They therefore hang on the window for much longer than curtains from cheap manufacturers.

Short distances

The production of fabrics, curtains and curtain accessories takes place in neighboring European countries and not in the Far East.
This guarantees short transportation routes.

Fabric remnants

We try to cut the curtain fabrics in such a way that there is as little fabric waste as possible.

Substances that are not absorbed

Our curtain fabrics do not shrink when washed properly and therefore last a long time.

CO2 compensation

You can optionally select in the checkout whether you would like to make a contribution toCO2 compensation for your new curtains.
With your voluntary contribution you support south pole projects.

Dispensing with paper

Whether in advertising or customer communication – wherever possible, we avoid the use of paper and rely entirely on digital. The remaining printed matter is produced CO2-neutrally.


All products are guaranteed for at least two years. But we will also be happy to help you afterwards if there is anything to mend on the curtains.

100% Online

We deliberately do not offer a curtain home service or curtain stores. This means that together we save a lot of unnecessaryCO2.


The fabric samples are sent from a social institution for people with disabilities in central Switzerland.

Handmade according to your wishes.

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